Gate Change

Date: Summer, 2012


Gate Change offers new critical perspectives on the complex choreography of twenty-first-century air transportation. Using new documentary footage and advanced visualization techniques, the artists chart a century of airport growth across the globe and look deeply at the state of air travel today.

As passengers traverse the technologically enhanced landscape of ports and pathways that connects the airport’s critical nodes, individual travelers begin to resemble data packets being routed, switched, and cued in a digital network. Gate Change will examine the rhythms and patterns of air travelers en masse, and will also focus on individual passengers as they navigate from touch-screen kiosk to security checkpoint, onto moving walkways and through food courts, boarding shuttle trains and escalators on the way to a gate area, Jetway, and finally, onto a flight.

As the number of passengers taking flight in a single year surpasses the world population, Gate Change helps us imagine the enormous number of people who are airborne at this very moment and the vast tapestry being woven in the air by their trajectories.


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