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The entire ad placement network is one of the most complex computational systems on the planet. Behind The Banner is an attempt to understand the underlying interactions that define this ecosystem, and how they impact our daily use of the web.


This visualization was produced by CMSummit / BattelleMedia, underwritten by Adobe, designed and developed by The Office for Creative Research. Thank you to LUMA Partners for their thoughtful input, and the open source community for technologies powering this visualization: Three.js and Processing.

Sources: LUMAscape, LUMA Partners | U.S. Digital Future In Focus 2013, comScore | How Does Facebook Exchange Measure Up? eMarketer / Adroll

This project was made possible by the CM Summit in NYC, May 21-22. Register now to join the conversation!

The ad placement ecosystem is complex and changing. Did we get it right? Please send comments to jbat@battellemedia.com.